Wood Floor Installation- House Update 4

Wood Floor Installation- House Update 4

Has it really been since November that I've posted a house update?? I believe I have been lazy and getting by with only Insta story updates because they're fast and easy. . . so I promise to blog more often about the house! How can a building process be happening at both break-neck speed and snail pace?? ! I am so anxious to be moved in and settled, decorating to my heart's content. So where are we at in the process? 

Since our last update, the framing has been completed, roof installed, all windows installed (basically the house is now dried-in), brick is being installed (as I write this, they are finishing), cast stone entryway installed, all fireplaces are installed, the wood flooring is installed, and the walls are complete and ready for paint!

Our current major tasks include:

  1. Finalizing tile and carpet for bathrooms and the smaller bedrooms
  2. Testing paint colors for the interior walls, exterior brick
  3. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets will be installed next week (!!!)
  4. Finalizing light fixture and hardware choices and preparing to purchase them
  5. Designing the stair rails

So, as the title of this post infers, our wood floors were installed this week! We are installing marble and tile in the bathrooms, and plush carpet in the guest bedrooms, so that'll be installed soon. We have a few stains in mind, so I'll update you with the color choice when we test some samples!

This herringbone design in our dining area has me on cloud nine! I am thinking to purchase a round or oval dining table; it seems that will compliment the design, and ease traffic going thorough to the kitchen. All of the tables in my current home are square or rectangle- I'm so done nicking corners and table legs. My toes and hip have endured enough brutality. . . Pretty much, I'm ready for a change!!


We chose a 3 1/4" number 2 wood plank. Our current home, which was built in the 1940's, came with the original wood floors which are of the same size, except longer. We couldn't resist the character of the more narrow planks, so we decided to go with the vintage look! Our walls are a smooth/flat finish, which contrasts perfectly with the quaintness of the floors.

We knew we wanted to incorporate the herringbone design somewhere in the house. We chose the dining room because it was just off the open concept of the living room/library area, and it was more visible than the floors in the kitchen area. The dining room is a special place, as we use it every single day. So now to find the perfect table and chandelier!

Have a wonderful weekend! I am sure ours will consist of chandelier and pendant shopping!



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