London, A Royal Obsession

London, A Royal Obsession

The stars aligned. Like crown jewels in a velvety blue sky, a constellation perfectly in its place. We finally made it to the United Kingdom! I am beyond thankful that Stephen & I were able to carve out a week earlier this month to see some more of the world, before both of our schedules became a bit tighter. Stephen turned 30 last October, which was when we'd originally planned to make this trip. We both committed to entirely too many engagements around that time, along with trying to build a house and run a business, it simply took us until now to make the trip!

We were pleasantly surprised and blown away at the beauty and magnificence of London. The street style was definitely fun (and at times amusing), but nonetheless inspiring to behold. I loved walking through the beautiful parks, while the sound of children laughing and playing fluttered through the air like butterflies. It felt as though Londoners knew how to have fun without trying very hard; fun was simply wherever you are with friends. The fact that London was having unbelievably clear, sunny, beautiful weather at the time of our visit definitely made it that much more ethereal. Every travel guide, every person we'd spoke to that had been, all told us to pack wellies and a rain coat. Did we? We thoroughly enjoy living life on the edge, so, nah.

The magnificent weather, combined with the excitement of being in a new place where the accent is every bit of charming, the constant reminder that no one forgot their fragrance that day, and the Brit's eye for detail, London really welcomed us in. We were planning our next trip before we'd even left for home!

The very first thing on our unofficial agenda was to visit Buckingham Palace. I'd always thought I had to see it first upon arriving in London, because it's everything that flashes through my mind whenever I think of the UK.



Oh, and the taxis!!! They were simply the cutest. I wanted to take one home with me! This sweet little bubblegum pink one was my favorite.

We walked from Buckingham Palace through one of London's beautiful parks, St. James, to make our way to Westminster. We didn't necessarily know where we were going, we simply followed Big Ben until we arrived.

I loved walking through the park while the locals lounged and picnicked in the sun. It made me realize how lucky we were to visit during such lovely weather. The Londoners definitely found it worthy of their free time!


As the sun set, we jumped the street for some fish n' chips at one of the many pubs plumed in lush, color-coordinated flower arrangements. One of my favorite characteristics I found along the quaint streets of London.

After dinner, we did some more aimless, directionless wandering; exploring a city that fascinated us from the very beginning. With completely dead phones at that. The correct way to travel.

At the very last minute, we had a wild hair to ride the London Eye. It was fantastic! We went at 9pm, which was a perfect time to go, because I love that point in the sunset where the sky is ombre..... a perfect backdrop for the vibrant city lights along the Thames River.

We finished off our first night walking through the busy streets and dropping in on a local festival, where we found some fabulous dessert waffles! I love waffles with ice cream! Followed by the walk home, stopping and listening to several street musicians and artists.


Coming soon...... a family reunion in Brighton, museums & history, and a visit to the much-lauded, one-and-only Sketch.

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