Sketch London- A Raving Review

Two words, PINK VELVET.

I could end this post now, because pink. But, you deserve a little insight into this gem of an eatery. I learned about Sketch after spotting it's ravishing Pink Panther-esque dining room via Insta.

On a side note. . .

Dear Instagram, you curated, glossy arsenal of all things "eye candy". . . you cause people like myself to travel to far away countries, dress to the nines and spend considerable amounts of money in order to experience something that was, at one time, merely abstract. You're nothing short of incredible. My life is that much more rich now that I've dined in the Sketch Gallery. 

As I was saying. . .

The exterior boasts a minimal, chic sign on the cast stone facade. A statue of a headless doberman on the side of the building hints at the curiosity inside. The editorial factor of the hostesses dress, hair and makeup is undeniably fashionable. Sketch has several separate dining areas, but we chose the Gallery because again, pink velvet chairs that resemble ladyfingers.No more pressing of that point.

Why else is the Sketch dining experience so boastworthy? For the sake of starting somewhere, there's the art. The Gallery is art. British artist David Shrigley, partnered with interior designer India Mahdavi (names don't get much cooler than hers), immoderately designed the room, centering around a dusty pink scheme and witty artwork. The design evokes a cocktail of sensations; from affection, thanks to the pink and amusement, thanks to the eerily relatable drawings lining the walls. Shrigley also designed the plates and serving ware; because pouring truth on your steak is so satisfying.

Our meal began with a unique rendering of calamari; sautéed with arugula and blistered grape tomatoes and a herbal toast. A nice break from the fried versions that can be so tiring. The main course we chose was steak with Autumn tartare, Dover Sole Meunière, saved with creamed spinach and potatoes. Every dish was exquisite; but the Dover Sole gave me a newfound respect for the delicate fish. I have never been able to successfully cook sole, so I was completely astounded at the perfection of taste and texture. It was the fish of all fishes. The most fishiest fish without tasting fishy.

Let's talk libations. Sketch's wine and cocktail selection is as exquisite as champagne is bubbly. The cocktail I ordered (the name has eluded me, but it was of cherry variety) had the most impeccable texture of all cocktails--slightly slush-like, without the ice. It was voluptuous.

If you find yourself visiting London soon, I would mark Sketch high on your priority list. Even if you do not have time for dinner--reserve for their iconic champagne tea, which is already on our agenda for next time. Any excuse to dress fabulous and indulge! But make it quick- the Gallery changes it's decor every few years and I'm unsure as to how much longer the current installation will last!

Now to find a velvet pink chair for my house. . . .