Dinner Date at HG SPLY CO in Fort Worth

After perusing around Dallas all afternoon last Saturday, we headed back to the Fort to enjoy dinner at a new restaurant in Fort Worth, HG SPLY CO. I'd heard of this restaurant from fellow food aficionados who had visited the Dallas location on Greenville. I hadn't made it there yet, and when I heard they were opening in Fort Worth, I decided to wait to visit there. On the way, I decided to take a look at their menu, and was surprised when I read that is was "Paleo-Inspired". I was neither disappointed or excited. The reason I wasn't excited was because it was the weekend and I wanted to treat myself a little. Clean during the week and reward on the weekend.... you know how it goes! I was thinking along the lines of maybe Italian, or some other indulgence. What I did not realize prior, is that I would end up feeling ridiculous for thinking that way! The food at HG SPLY CO is nothing less than an indulgence! A healthy one, at that! My preconceived ideas of a Paleo-inspired restaurant were thrown to the wind. I do not follow the Paleo diet, but I really enjoy making the recipes. The Paleo diet has an impressive way of using healthy, whole ingredients to make meals that make you not miss your rice and potatoes. And I love coconut..... number one prerequisite for eating Paleo.

We ordered mussels for appetizer. Mussels are one of my favorite types of seafood, and even more so when cooked in a red sauce. The mussels at HG SPLY CO are cooked in an Old Bay seasoned sauce that is a party in your mouth. I already foresee many trips to HG SPLY CO for a bowl of these savory, brothy, flavorful little clams....


The main course was on another level of complete epiphany. The menu is organized into appetizers, salads, and bowls. These bowls are such a fun concept. You choose a base and then add whichever protein you fancy. There are also a few add-ons such as, you guessed it.....anegg. You could build your own bowl, or select one of HG SPLY CO's selections. I chose the Yellow Curry with lamb meatballs. It was a sweet, warm, satisfying bowl of delight and contentment. I just could't get enough!! The lamb meatballs were very well flavored and perfectly cooked; creating the perfect accompaniment to the hearty, yet not-too-heavy curry. The other entree we ordered was (forgot the name, sorry!) inspired by a burger without the buns, basically! It was also cooked to perfection and had fabulous flavor (make sure to put an egg on it!)

I ordered a Moscow Mule, which has pretty much been my drink of the summer. It's light, not too sweet, not too sour, and pretty refreshing. HG SPLY CO was probably the best I've had, as it's a perfectly balanced combination of said flavors. I am looking forward to trying their mimosa's at brunch as I've heard and read that they're fabulous.


Thanks for visiting, friends.