Our 7th Anniversary at The Joule Dallas

Our 7th Anniversary at The Joule Dallas

February 21 marked 7 lovely years for us. I'm feeling so much positive energy and overall excitement about the next season in our lives and our marriage. I like to think of our journey in chapters, or seasons. I don't have a clear defining turning point for which one ends and a new one begins; no age, anniversary, or year; but I do think of specific "themes" in my mind for which I recall a particular stage.

Every season of life brings new challenges and victories than the last. I am learning to never settle into a mindset of having "made it"; but rather, continue striving to be greater than you were the day before. Compete with yourself. Strive for greater relationships, marriage, and health; cultivate your skills and talents, never stop learning. Set your mind and intentions on your goals, but be flexible in seasons of change. Embrace challenges, as an opportunity to become more whole than you were before.

I am so thankful for a husband that constantly challenges and encourages me to do great things.

We took our Anniversary a little easy. Easy like Sunday Morning has never exactly rang true for me, but this day it was my theme song as we slept in and slowly made ourselves ready for brunch at Malai- and to my surprise- an overnight stay at The Joule! As we made our way into Dallas, I chose to not ask very many questions as to our itinerary; I love a nice surprise!

I've had The Joule on my list of places to stay for at least 5 or 6 years. Obviously I was enthralled at Stephen's choice that he certainly kept under wraps pretty well. I loved everything about it! The lobby, lounge area, hallways, and elevator are not only decorated impeccably, but are filled with inspiring art. For a moment, you forget you're in a hotel! The staff were exceptional- I felt so well taken care of. They certainly took into consideration it was a special day for us and rolled out a luxurious red carpet. After settling in to our room with a bottle of rosé, we were provided a complimentary ride in a lovely white Audi a8 to our dinner location- Nick & Sam's.

Overall, our stay was marvelous! 


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