Offbeat Inspiration

Offbeat Inspiration

Beauty and inspiration isn't always in the places you'd most expect. I love a tranquil, easy stroll through the Botanic Gardens or the Trinity Trails as often as I am able. Something about the soft breeze, sun shining, and fragrant foliage is enough to refresh and restore my creative senses anytime. I also have to intentionally go out of my way to get to such places.....

And other times, I am trying to simply drive from downtown to Near Southside via Main Street. I'm on my way somewhere; I have a time and and reason to be somewhere. But it also looks as if a bomb was dropped on Main Street and all of a sudden, I have to follow the detour signs. If you know enough about my driving, you know I don't always follow such signs. I'll find my own detour. Last place I expect to stumble upon anything inspiring. I'm probably more annoyed than anything at this point.

And while I'm worried about bending a wheel or scraping my bumper while detouring along what has to be one of the more dilapidated streets in Fort Worth (all while questioning my judgment for having chosen this route), I stumble upon a wildly amusing mural on the side of a building:

.....and just like that, I was glad I found myself on this busted up road. Sometimes you have to find yourself on an unexpected route for the sake of finding purpose and beauty.

I am learning to live my life as an opportunist. Although not quite literally Webster's definition of one; more like a "planning opportunist". Why not strategize your goals and plan the route you need to take to reach them, and have fun along the way! Sometimes the doors of opportunity that come unexpectedly, while not the quickest route to your goals, are the most effective and life-changing.

So....go ahead and set off on that adventure you've been dreaming of!