Just a Little Pizza Your Heart

Pizza and sightseeing in London!

Our travel itineraries are usually filled with one or two major destinations a day, allowing for exploring and venturing to obscure neighborhoods and quaint cafes. This day proved no different, finding time for a quaint pizza shop in between the Tower of London and a history walking tour. I loved this little spot called Polpo, a moody, ambient little gastropub serving up fabulous pizza and Italian food. We had three dishes- a green pea, mint and feta salad for appetizer, and the spinach pizza and salame pizza. My favorite was the green one- covered in the likes of creamed spinach over a garlicky cream sauce and topped with a perfect fried egg. I must also mention the drink menu was fabulous- I had the elderflower fizz- so refreshing!

Later on that day we visited the Tower of London. History buff that I am, I was impressed that this building was one of the oldest places I've been to, dating back to 1066. White Tower, which stands in the very middle of the castle was particularly beautiful, although a bit sobering.