Interior Design Inspiration- House Update 3

Interior Design Inspiration- House Update 3

Still framing the house. . . in the meantime, I remain occupied with designing bookcases, cabinetry and shopping for appliances. Color coordinating is quite the skill to possess. Pantone has been my closest companion lately. Just a few things I am currently working on: the master bathroom design, kitchen cabinet design and color schemed for each of my rooms. Loving soft muted colors paired with a deeper color from the same family.


(1. InteriTrend 2. Alice Lane Home 3. SF Girl by Bay 4. Domino)

An overall theme is so important to setting out on an interior design project. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to have that style nailed down so that the rest of the elements fall into line. Occasionally, a standout piece will define a particular area or room, if that's the case, go for it! Make the item a conversation piece! But for the most part, I've learned through my current home how necessary it is to resist purchasing something when a clear plan isn't known.

On choosing themes/design motifs. . . I would encourage anyone setting out on an interior design journey to take some time and be honest with yourself. If you're anything like me, you appreciate various styles for their beauty, clean lines or other aesthetic elements; but be undoubtedly clear on the style that makes you happy. You've heard it before. . . but it bears so much truth and is easier said than done. What style and colors are an expression of your lifestyle? What types of fabrics and lines or curves express the way you think? Do words, music, names and feelings bring specific colors to your mind? Am I the only one and just completely strange? Someone help me out! Seriously though, you're listening to reading from someone who's favorite music changes everyday. The weather, mood, activities of the day all change the type of music that makes me click. My surroundings have to change regularly in order to be inspired.

So, how do I clearly define the interior design I am to surround myself with everyday? I have found a few strategies to be helpful. . .

  1. Create vision boards on Pinterest and Houzz far in advance. I've been building on my "new house" boards for over 2 years now. I add to them carefully and subjectively; "Kondoing" the images, if you will.
  2. Monthly (or, whenever inspiration strikes), I'd visit my boards and delete everything that doesn't speak to me any longer. I've been doing this monthly ever since; my vision boards are so visually appealing now! I look at them anytime I want to get happy for no reason. I also have done this with magazine clippings. If they no longer speak to you, trash recycle them!
  3. Save images that depict practical things such as smart storage options, drawer organizers, laundry room storage, etc. on a separate "organization" board, so you don't have photos of interiors that you don't love cluttering your inspiration boards.
  4. Reserve quiet time AWAY from distractions to brainstorm. Whatever it takes to get you "in the zone", do it! Stay there until you feel so satisfied from the enormous amount of progress you've made! For me, I just need a large cup of coffee, an ambient playlist and an uncluttered environment (a healthy snack, such as berries & honey, helps immensely).
  5. Develop an eye for editing and refining the choices before you. Eliminate anything that contributes nothing to the overall picture.
  6. Think about your most favorite outfits you have or would like to have! Think about what type of surroundings would fit if you were wearing those garments (as you should be!!).

I am currently working on creating a vision board to hang in our office so that I am see the images everyday. The power of visualizing should never be underestimated! Whatever is consistently before your eyes, becomes your reality! It's all about staying laser focused in your task!

Here's to swimming in a sea of fabric and paint swatches. . .