Hidden Gems of Paris

Bonjour! Recently, I divulged how much I enjoy participating in walking tours when traveling both internationally and domestically. It is a superb way to become acquainted with the city you are visiting, learn historical facts and hear recommendations from a local. During our most recent trip to Paris, we surmounted an (impressive) total of three walking tours. One of which was the Hidden Gems of Paris tour, by Discover Walks.

I mostly would like for the photos to speak for themselves, as the beauty of Paris is best experienced, not explained. However, allow that thought to guide you through the art, gardens, and landmarks that follow.


The Louvre served as a threshold for this tour. After learning some meaningful history about the building, our guide brought us through a discreet doorway, into the above garden, which belongs to Le Palais Royal. Within Le Palais Royal, there is a series of remarkable fountains and artwork. The "Les Deux Plateaux" by artist Daniel Buren, pictured above, is a larger-than-life installment of black and white striped pillars standing in perfect symmetry. If anything, stroll through this charming installation and take appreciation for the fact that you aren't only looking at art, but you're in the art. Also pictured above, Fontaines de Pol Bury.


Above, paying homage to the beautiful red-soled shoe: Christian Louboutin's very first women's boutique located inside Galerie Véro-Dodat. The tour continued through historic streets and neighborhoods, introducing us to a part of the city previously foreign to us.


The tour ended in the jardin du Palais-Royal, near the start. After this tour we felt knowledgeable about Paris on an entirely new level. Familiarity, with an air of mystery, makes for an irresistible experience that keeps you longing for a return, time and again.

Much love, and thanks for visiting.