Haircut at Frédéric Fekkai Dallas

Haircut at Frédéric Fekkai Dallas

Sometimes, you just need a change.....a change that results in a trip to Frédéric Fekkai salon!

It was my time for a completely new hairstyle. Am I the only one who agonizes over my upcoming hair appointment, strategically lays out my exact conversation with the hairdresser that will commence upon sitting in that seat of uncertainty and vulnerability (aka salon chair); only to actually get there and everything you had in mind goes out the window? Well..... it may not have gone exactly like that, but I did let go of my psychotic ways upon remembering that my hairdresser knows more than I'll ever know about hair. Tony is a genius.

I had him give me some side bangs (or, curtain bangs) about 2 months ago. I'd never had bangs before, so I asked him to style them in a way that they could be easily pulled aside if I ended up not being a fan. I loved them so very much that I found myself trying to pull my side bangs forward, only to be frustrated by the fact that they covered my eyes. So, for this appointment, I'd found a photo of some fringe bangs in this month's issue of British VOGUE, and marched with confidence into Frédéric Fekkai at Highland Park Village in Dallas.

Once again, I was blown away by Tony's ability to understand exactly what I wanted. He is French, after all. I tend to lean toward hairstyles seen on models from the UK and France, so I can always sit down and take to the scissors knowing I'm going to leave the salon in a state of euphoria.

I had the color done in early July, and I'll be going in to get it touched up by Jessica a few weeks from now, so I'm going to take that opportunity to introduce you to them! Follow my Insta stories to see all of the details in real-time action. You can also look for a post here! Jessica is a highly-skilled (and adorable) colorist that specializes in hand painting (balayage). She also happens to be the wife of my talented step-brother!