Tried it: Dirty Lemon Skin & Hair

Tried it: Dirty Lemon Skin & Hair

Oh, lemons! What can they not do? I use more lemons than pretty much anything in my entire house on a weekly basis (except for coffee). If I wanted to list out all of the ways that I utilize the happiest and most hard-working of all of the fruits, I may as well publish a book. Just the last couple of days have included my morning hot water and lemon ritual, oven roasted inside of a chicken, squeezed over the Dutch Baby I made for brunch, whisked into a homemade face mask, spritzed over a few salads, used to clean and deodorize my wooden cutting boards.... to name a few!

The latest of my obsessions came to me in the form of Dirty Lemon Detox (yes, you read the name correctly). I took note of Dirty Lemon Skin & Hair about 7 or 8 months ago, after reading about it on on my my daily blogs. I was quite intrigued that everything you need in regards to ordering this product was done via text message. How is that for convenient!?

I signed up for Dirty Lemon right away, and received a text message confirming that I was now in their system. However, I did not order immediately because I wanted to wait for the Skin + Hair formula to become available. The original Detox, which features a mixture of, lemons and activated charcoal, also was interesting to me, but I was currently in the middle of a drastic shift in my skincare routine and beauty rituals (and diet....but we won't go there) in order to keep my skin and hair glowing. Just when it seems you have a good handle on your regimen....your body changes and you have to start all over!

Fast forward about 6 months and I received a text message from a New York phone number, letting me know that Skin + Hair formula was now available. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten to program the number in my contacts, and I'd also forgotten that I signed up; typical. Conversation went a bit like this:

Dirty Lemon: [skin & hair] is now available. Orders placed today will ship tomorrow. Let us know if you want a case :)


(three minutes later after deciding to Google the phone number)

Irrational Brittany: I'm sorry I thought this was someone else. PLEASE keep me on your list!!!!!

Irrational Brittany: I actually WANT the skin+hair! HOW DO I ORDER???

(ten minutes later)

Dirty Lemon: We're sorry, you will have to start over. Please complete your registration by going online to

(I'm glad that wasn't a conversation that my life depended on)

Just two days later, a black box arrived at my doorstep filled with a weeks worth of lemony magic (almost said Snickett).

What is Dirty Lemon? Dirty Lemon is an all-natural, organic drink made in Brooklyn, NY for the purpose of detoxification. There are four potions to choose from: Detox, Skin+Hair, Energy and Sleep; all with fabulous striped packaging. With it's brilliant (not to mention cheeky) branding and marketing, it can't help but make you happy. The entire order process and customer service is all done via text message. It is shipped in a styrofoam container that is kept cold thanks to the addition of a few icepacks, and arrives in only two days.

What does it taste like? The Skin+Hair formula simply tastes like unsweetened lemonade with a slight kick, thanks to the addition of cayenne. Other than the cayenne and lemon juice, it also contains Horsetail, Red Clover, and Collagen Peptides (I love that word! Glad I could finally use it.)

What type of results can you expect? It probably depends on your current skin and hair condition as well as your lifestyle. I am a healthy eater, I use clean skin products and I remove my makeup thoroughly everyday, and I work out regularly. I do experience the regular breakout, so keeping them at bay, maintaining a clear complexion and even skin tone is my current mission. So, that being said, I definitely noticed an improvement after two rounds of the Dirty Lemon. My complexion was brighter and my hair shinier.

How many rounds should I begin with? Start with one, and take close notice of your progress. Wash your makeup off throughly (if you're wearing any), make sure to get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water. In the morning right after I wake up is the best time for me to assess my skin and it's health; whatever works for you, just be sure to watch it closely and take note of any changes you experience. In hindsight, I should have done about 2-3 rounds in a row to start with. Listen to your body and respond accordingly. If you want to order more, simply send a text and you'll have another case 2 business days later. If you need to put the brakes on it, it'll last for several weeks unopened in the refrigerator (at least the Skin+hair does; I am unsure of the other formulas).

I highly recommend you give Dirty Lemon Skin+hair a try! You'll find the process to order super easy and hopefully see glistening skin as a result. I am currently in the middle of the Detox formula and will report back to let you know my thoughts!

This my own personal review of this product, and all opinions and views expressed here are my own. This post was in no way endorsed by Dirty Lemon.