Adventure of A Lifetime

Adventure of A Lifetime

First things first. Someone tell me why I don't have tickets to Coldplay this weekend. I digress. This year has been the year of all things adventurous so far, so I'll have to be content with missing out on this one. But really, have you listened to the song Adventure of a Lifetime? Not only am I enthralled by the musical genius of this song (and the entire album, for that matter), and the unquestionable popularity of their Super Bowl performance earlier this year, but mostly the underlying message of the album that is coming through to me, that is adventure and awareness of your existence.


Turn your magic on, To me she'd say Everything you want's a dream away Under this pressure, under this weight We are diamonds (taking shape)......

What is your "magic"?

As I was growing up I would have been reproved for referring to "magic" (sorry mom & nanny), but in this instance, I love to think of whatever it is that makes you unique and sets you apart from others- whatever it is you believe to be "your voice"- is your magic. I like to think of magic as "something intangible about oneself that others cannot understand or describe; but can only be marveled at."

Understanding what is unique and fascinating about others requires pure, transparent honesty with each other, and with oneself. Living with privacy and secrecy in it's rightful place; not serving as walls of solitude and isolation. As mentioned in a previous post, knowing when to open up, and when to keep distance is key- but honesty begins within (and toward) oneself and then flows outward. It goes like this: if you're unwilling to open up to your closet friend or spouse, its likely you're being dishonest with yourself as well.

What on earth does this have to do with living an adventurous, intentional life? You should answer that for yourself. Make it personal.

As for myself, the journey I've been on has defined honesty as freedom. It is audacious liberty. Honesty allows you to assess where you stand in regards to your goals, dreams, relationships and all aspects of life; empowering you to make realistic moves. And with an uninhibited sense of adventure, at that.


All of a sudden, everyday becomes the adventure of a lifetime. Allow your mind to latch on to a dream that literally makes your heart stop at the very thought. Daydream strategies and methods of achieving whatever it is.

Give yourself the gift of a dream to run after.

With that, challenge yourself to turn your magic on and live with intentional honesty. An astonishing adventure awaits.