Little White Dress and Other Thoughts

Little White Dress and Other Thoughts

Quick outfit commentary- I have been LOVING this little white dress from Fashion Union via Target! Really, the entire line has my eye (and consequently, my REDcard) right now! For the Ballet a few weekends ago, I paired the dress with rose gold metallic loafers and a black suede shoulder bag for a bit of a modern, contempo look. This particular look randomly came together; it was a combination of wanting to have a clean, sophisticated look for the first event, while wearing shoes that I could walk Open Streets in afterward, and something comfortable enough I could wear to a cookout with our Bible study group at the end of the day, all while requiring a handbag to fit my camera....because photos! Of course! I felt a bit Mod, Western, and eclectic all in one day. The fringe boots are from Nordstrom (similar here), Sunglasses from ASOS (similar here) and the handbag, inherited from my great-grandmother! One of my most complimented pieces is the one that happens to be the oldest pieces in my closet!


On him- shirt from Saks, denim jacket by Levi's, and glasses from Warby Parker.

This past Sunday after a photo shoot with The Fort Worth Barber Shop we found a plethora of rich lighting in between buildings, resulting in a impromptu camera happy moment. While choosing which selfie of us both was our favorite, I realized I realized I realized I gravitate to the version with the messiest hair, the squintiest eyes, and maybe even the most scrunched up nose. If it was a windy day, or if I was laughing, I want to remember so.

Thoughts on Gratefulness

This past week, my friend Kelsey invited me to join her weekly leadership group based out of Gateway Church in Southlake. I have been a part of several different small groups, and other meet ups in the past, but the thought of a leadership group definitely seemed to be of perfect timing in my life right now. The group is much more commitment based than other meetings I've been to, so the challenge was exciting to me.

This week, the specific aspect of leadership that we focused on was gratefulness. Not just simply being grateful for this and that; but living a grateful life. Have you ever thought about the people in your life that you gravitate toward most? Those who exude a warm, inviting, personality that you cannot help but want to be around? When those people come to mind, I examine their lifestyle and the things of which they speak, and I notice they are grateful people. They do not have perfect lives. I would imagine, the definition of "the perfect life" varies from person to person. We all have different ideals and conceptions of what the perfect life looks like. It would do everyone good to decide that this so-called perfect life doesn't exist. This isn't to say we should not strive for excellence...that would be contrary! A grateful heart should propel you to excellence (another subject for another day!) Rather, the moment we slip into a mindset that, "we cannot really be happy until......" is the very moment a grateful heart turns into an ungrateful one.

What does this have to do with leadership? So, so much. If we are to strive to be leaders in any aspect, whether in our family, our business or workplace, or in our community, gratefulness is of absolute priority. One of the very first attributes that will separate those who will make a difference is the ability to place positive emphasis on the events and circumstances that brought them to where they are in life.

Imagine your life and your surroundings. Would you benefit from looking at the same things in a positive light as you would a negative? I am certainly positive you could not.

Enjoy your weekend, friends! As always, thank you for visiting.