Lettering Workshop with She, In the Making

Work, work, work, work, workshop  

You didn't read that to the tune of that one song, I am positive.

A few beautiful weekends ago, my friend Kelsey, the outgoing, bubbly personality behind She, In the Making blog and shop, hosted a fun lettering workshop here in Fort Worth. I've been looking forward to attending one since she began hosting them last year.

A little fun story: I somehow stumbled across Kelsey's Instagram a few years ago when searching for local creatives to follow for inspiration. Fast-forward to this past September, I attended a little Saturday morning market and bazaar in my neighborhood, against my jet-lagged discernment, since I was still on Indian Standard Time (which is 12 hours difference) after returning from overseas the night before. My husband & I decided to stroll into the market where some art, jewelry and beauty vendors were selling their goods. The first shop I was drawn to was that of Kelsey's eye-catching lettering and prints. I bought a few pieces I loved, chatted with her for a few minutes, and left to check out the rest of the market and grab lunch. After strolling down the street and bumping into a neighbor, to whom I decided to show my prints that I purchased, and noticed Kelsey's business card in the bag. "She, In the Making? I follow her on Insta! What the what!" I was blown away at my obliviousness, thanks to my internal clock still being on the other side of the world! Of course, I sprinted back to the market to tell Kelsey of my realization. I really love the ability to find and connect with people through social platforms such as Instagram! It makes life that much more rich. Thank you, internet!

Shortly thereafter, I commissioned her to design & print custom invitations for my husband's 30th birthday party, among other fun projects......most recently my new blog header (above)! I'm so glad we connected!

The lettering workshop took place at the bright, happy space belonging to Grit + Gold Weddings. I enjoyed the ambience of the studio. The clean backdrop with pops of whimsical design encouraged the creativity to flow freely! We were met with a personalized place setting complete with gold baskets (I live for gold things) filled to the brim with the tools of the trade- a beautiful linen-bound sketch book, a mini canvas, pencils, artists pens, paint brushes, ink, and a wealth of resources and lettering exercises to get started.


Not to mention a superabundance of pastries, fruit, and cheese!


Above- a friend of mine, Stephanie, that I've known for at least 13 years! Glad we got to attend the workshop together!


Above: Creative, hand-letterer, She In the Making, Herself! Thank you Kelsey for sharing your gift and cultivating the art of cursive and hand-lettering. I realized, upon taking to the artists pen, I am very much out of touch with handwriting altogether. I sign checks. I jot down grocery lists and post-it notes. But when it is time to write a thank you note or birthday card, my handwriting is just as cooperative as a cat out of the water. I type so much, having used a computer and phone for most of my documentation, research, and communication over the past decade. I have already put in quite a lot of effort into re-cultivating my style and consistency, thanks to the lovely tools provided in the workshop. Beautiful tools make for even more enjoyable art!

Within the workshop, a few things you may expect are:

  • Basics of lettering- downstrokes, upstrokes, connecting letters, etc.
  • Finding your lettering style- experiment away!
  • Where to find inspiration, how to stay inspired!
  • How to digitize your work

.....Also, it's a fun activity to go along with friends and a great way to meet other people in your area!

If you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I strongly encourage you to follow Kelsey's Instagram in order to stay informed about upcoming workshops. She already has planned several for the month of April! They will sell out quickly!

Thanks for reading, friends!