nyc weekend

this past weekend stephen surprised me with a getaway to new york city for our anniversary.

new york city has come to hold such sentimental value… every time that I have visited was a really special moment for me. five years ago, stephen & i spent our 5th anniversary there, which was also the first time for both of us. although it was a pretty touristy trip, it was surreal for me being in the place i’d seen so many times growing up watching shows like friends and the today show. i remember feeling more inspired by a place than I’d ever experienced traveling anywhere else up to that point. it was also my first girls trip, which held its own adventure and some of my most treasured memories. stephen & i also spent new years 2016 there, meeting up friends from germany. we ended up landing a table at the fully-booked balthazar our first night in town (it pays to dress up and show up), where we spent the first night of what turned out the be a very dinifitive year for both of us. nyc possesses a certain air that you have to be there to understand. nyc locals would probably read this and gawk at the novelty, yet still cound’t deny the magic and the energy that thrives in the 22 sq miles that are manhattan.

with each trip, we’ve worked our way through seeing the different neighborhoods and admiring the style and personality of each. this trip we chose to take it easy and walk through our favorite parts of town, drinking copious amounts of coffee and matcha, eating at the latest spots on our must-try list, visiting cocktail bars and our nightly speakeasy, some comedy, and a good bit of shopping.

a few spots we loved visiting this particular day: