the city life

Another day spent wandering and exploring New York City streets… coffee in hand. Not just any coffee… the ‘Butcher’s Daughter almond milk latte’ coffee. I ordered one for brunch at the West Village location, and loved it so much I ordered one to go.

I loved spending this day exploring the streets of West Village and Chelsea. After navigating the Chelsea market and coming out with a pair of vintage clip-ons, we made the 20 minute walk to Madison Square park for a view of the flatorion building for a quick second, yet another coffee stop, a stroll through Central Park, ending the afternoon with a little shopping at Bergdorf’s and Louis Vuitton.

I reverted to tourist status for a quick minute when I insisted we make the pilgrimage to the Friends building. Having not grown up in the US and therefore not keen on 90’s sitcoms, Stephen was willing to go, but didn’t have the same level of enthusiasm as me to pay hommage to the corner of Bedford and Grove. Still, it was really fun filling him in on the vocabulary (“pivot!!!) and worldview that was a result of being raised with the sitcom always playing in the background. It was just always on… while homework at the dinner table, dinner, after school… it was always on, permanently indoctrinating us late 80’s - early 90’s kids.

These are some of my favorite days to remember. We could be home or anywhere in the world… doesn’t matter as long as adventure is involved. Going new places and enjoying the ride/drive/walk in between.