end of summer

A more accurate title for this post would be, a girl who longs for the sea experiences the mediterranean for the first time: a sequence of emotions.

While today is definitely not the first day of fall, it certainly feels like the end of summer; where fall begins to make it's much-awaited (and slow, if you're in Texas) arrival. Just  This year I had more chances to enjoy the sea than I've had in a long time, and for that I am grateful!  I'm sure I've mentioned before how living in a landlocked region has the tendency to make this girl miss the sea... making the chances I do get to enjoy it especially memorable

We recently hopped the Atlantic and landed on the Iberian peninsula. Portugal, and then Mallorca, to be exact. (I already shared the first set from Portugal here if you missed it... this series will by no means be going in chronological order lol) I find this particular part of the earth to be so intriguing in landscape. When we visited Madrid and Barcelona 4 years ago (for those of you wondering why we skipped over those two and went to Mallorca... we'd already been), we only experienced the cities and did not venture out into the countryside. I do remember flying over Spain and noticing the intriguing colors and patterns of the earth. The rust earth tones that blend into golden hues; with perfectly aligned rows of deep green agriculture soaking up the Spanish sun. Normally, I do no get so much fascination from  out of an airplane window as I do when flying over Spain. 

The cities are just as pristine. The elegant buildings are perfectly aligned, streets are clean, the foliage and shurbery are perfectly manicured.

Then you have the coastline and the Balaeric islands. A jagged, nonsemetrical, rough contrast to the impeccably arranged cities and countryside.... still perfect in every way. 

The Mediterranean is so beautiful. I've always had an image painted in my mind of what the water may look and feel like. there's really no way to describe accurately how turqiouse the water is. It could be a cloudy day and the water is still the most striking gemstone hue. On a hot day such as in mid-August, after exploring the arid villages of Mallorca, the water was so inviting and refreshing. 

We explored the many public beaches on the south end of the island, but since we were short on time and were not prepared to pack up our own beach-essentials (lunch, snacks, drinks, towels ans such....) we opted for a beach club. Our hotel booked us a prime spot overlooking the sea at Mhares Sea Club in Llucamajor, just a short 20 min drive from Campos, where we were staying. Mhares has a restaurant and a spa, a bar an a pool... so all you need to worry about bringing is a good book and something to keep your skin moisturized while spending so much time in the sun! okay.... and maybe a second bikini, too ;)

The public swimming area down below was a bit of an adventure. We decided to rough it for a little bit and make the climb down the rocks to enjoy the water. It was quite the experience, as told by the sequence of photos to follow...

Brittany Rivers Mallorca

stopping for a photo on the way down, not sure what i'm getting into but expectations are 100.

Brittany Rivers Mallorca

here, i'm just thinking about how excited i am to be finally wearing my new swimsuit.

Brittany Rivers Mallorca

feeling quite novel, it's like i'm in all of those beautiful photos of mallorca i'd seen on the 'gram.

Brittany Rivers Mallorca

going deeper into the water and realizing how slippery the rocks below foot are but its OK because LOOK at this beautiful water

Brittany Rivers Mallorca

no waiting, must get my hair wet, and my favorite thing ever... saltwater! yay!

Brittany Rivers Mallorca

so refreshed, and feeling it. not even ashamed. 

Brittany Rivers Mallorca

since these rocks are slippery but the water so nice, i'll find a place to sit. 



I want to end this post by talking about my new swim suit that BEGS discussion!!! I have been dying to share it with you. It is made by Ete Swimwear- a boutique online swimwear company out of Australia. This particular collection was designed by one my my favorite Insta girls, @matildadjerf. I discovered her first collection just before the current one released, but my size was out of stock in everything. I was so anxious to get my hands on the new collection once it released! Mostly because this one included two of my favorite things: sky blue, and HIGH-WAISTED bikini bottoms!!! So, while it was a challenge to decide which suit to go with, I landed on the Monterey top and Santa Cruz bottoms, both in "Sky" (naturally)! 

Overall, this bikini is the BEST quality suit I have ever purchased. Even superior to higher priced ones from high-end department stores. The material has substance to it- it's double lined and has a soft feel to it... so luxurious. The metal rings on the Monterey top are weighty and have a nice, smooth, brushed finish. The cut of the bottom is superb- which is always a concern of mine! It hits all the right curves and stays in place (I've NEVER had a suit stay in place as well as this one)! So flattering! I simply cannot say enough about this swimsuit!

If you're interested in purchasing a suit from the matilde x ete collection, hurry! The collection is starting to sell out!! I am also considering buying the Venice one-piece suit in "shell"! 

Peruse matilda's collection here!

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*this post was not in any way sponsored by matilde x ete, just my own opinion and review of a product that i am extremely pleased with!