weekend rituals

Where was I?

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus as I’ve been camping out in the land of Anatomy & Physiology; if you’ve taken it, you know it tends to be an all-consuming course. It’s one of those classes that makes you question what you had to drink the night before registering for fall semester. But it’s worth it! I find it really empowering to understand the human body on such a thorough level (or at least attempt to).

So, with this bit of valauable time I have on a Tuesday, I want to share a little bit of my favorite rituals that fill mine & Stephens weekend. We do our best to keep the week stuff where it belongs (in the week), so our Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for whatever spontaneity our hearts desire. It’s a special time of rest that we fully enjoy. We do things like hang out at home drinking copious amounts of bulletproof coffee (it’s a big deal around our house), go have brunch, take photos of each other, grab flowers at the local flower market, and just simply enjoy the day slowly going by.

I love these sweet rituals we find ourselves falling into. It’s more than just habit, and isn’t at all mundane. It’s good for the mind to have these intentional, but not-too-stiffly structured times to spend with those you love; or even alone as a form of self care. It’s not just brunch and buying flowers from the market… how much more unjoyable it becomes when approached with intention.

When Stephen & I were first married, I found so much joy in these times of just being together on the weekends, because I knew, come Monday, we’d hit the ground running hard with our business and church involvement. One of our favorite things to do during those times was go to the Barnes & Noble that used to be in downtown Fort Worth, grab some magazines and books (which we rarely bought) and peruse to our hearts content over a latte in the Starbucks on the first floor. We spent many Friday nights and Sunday afternoons there.

While our lives, business and involvement have changed drastically since then, we still have similar rituals, which, when approached with gratefulness for the moment, those little moments become so much more.

Simple idea, but I suggest you try taking a minute to recognize those moments between work, school, and other obligations. Whether it’s on the weekend, or at5 pm on a Wednesday; the routinest of rituals can facilitate personal growth or deepen your relationships, if you let them.

As I mentioned before… one of my favorite ways to connect with Stephen or any other family and friends is over a cup of coffee or over weekend brunch. Clearfork in Fort Worth has become one of our favorite places to frequent lately. This particular Saturday we chose B&B Butcher’s. Really great brunch menu… but honestly, thier salads are my favorite thing to order!

I made it a habit to buy flowers for our home and often. Buying flowers for someone is a special act because of the intention behind it… whether a romantic partner, for sympathy, or “just because”… flowers always carry a certain notion that somone loves you and wants to show it! So why not buy flowers for the home more often? It’s more than just buying flowers… It’s a ritual that shows love to my home and makes my home a loving place.

What are some of your favorite weekend (or weekday!) rituals? What seemingly routine or normal activities can you approach with intention and make it a time for bonding or growth?

I would really love to know!

One of my favorite places to choose flowers is the Flower Market on 7th in Fort Worth… I ordered most of my wedding flowers from them and I have been a longtime customer ever since. Always a beautiful and varied selection!