more lisbon

Back to our regularly scheduled program!!

It’s been a whirlwind of times the last two weeks and while that’s no excuse for not writing and sharing, I’m now aware of an area in my life that can use some great improvement, and that is being intentional to schedule time throughout the week to write rather than doing it when I can… which is definitely good to do, but can’t be all that I do :) Lately I’ve become intensely aware of the importance of prioritizing creativity. If you only do it “when you can”, it will eventually start taking a back seat and never get done.

So, with that being said, I want to dedicate these next couple of posts to finishing sharing the photos from Portugal! Hoping to finish before my 29th birthday… which is next week, so the stakes are HIGH.

alfama lisbon

This particular day we pretty much spent just exploring and roaming around the tiny cobblestone streets. We took a walking tour, and hit the streets on our own to take in every possible detail.

My favorite thing about this day was not having a plan, second only to all of the cute Portuguese granny sightings. They have nothing but time on thier hands, so they spend thier days peering over thier balconies at the crowds bustling below, and venturing out to the local markets to buy the day’s provisions.

We eventually stumbled upon an ancient Roman archaeological site where the city had began tearing up the street for repairs/remodel only to find this Roman theatre; thus halting the original project and creating a museum instead. So many fascintaing discoveries that day.

We had also gotten a glimpse into local life, away from the touristic crowds. We found a restaurant serving traditional Portuguese Codfish that was so fresh and flavorful, served alongside olives, cheese, and bread. We highly recommend Pateo 13 for authentic Portuguese dishes! It’s all outdoos seating, and maybe you’ll get lucky and get a table with a view of the kitchen… which is partially outside.