home update: bedroom progress

home update: bedroom progress

Fall is approching and the weather is turning.

This entire week has been rainy and grey and has given us more rain than I remember since spring. It's getting me in the mood to start cozying up the house! I'm ready to turn my fireplace on, pull my sweaters down from my spare closet, and add those little touches that just "warm up" the room a bit.

This is all sounds nice as long as you're admiring the rainy view from inside... at least it looks like it's should be cold out there. In reality it's still 90 degrees outside of those windows... what you don't know won't hurt you though, amiright???

So, about this "mood". My master bedroom is at the forefront of my list of places to cozy up. There's nothing like a luxurious, warm and romantic bedroom to invite you in at the end of the day and help you feel refreshed upon waking. We're almost done furnishing our living room, library and dining areas; they're pretty much at a place where I feel freedom to divert some focus toward upstairs to our bedroom. 

the Space

Of course, if you've followed along for a while or scoured the archives, you know we built the house. We worked with an architect to create the perfect layout... some areas came togther easier than others... and then there was the master bedroom. We had at least ten changes to our plans in regards to our bedroom... and most were pretty drastic. The bathroom was redesigned multiple times, the doors swapped from one wall to another... just for starters. 

Overall, we love the space, it facilitates a warm and cozy feel on its own thanks to the tray ceiling, fireplace, and just the overall proportions. The room is plenty big, but not so huge that we feel the need to fill up with so much furniture.

We've got a good foundation already; we installed some custom linen drapery panels, motorized blackout shades, purchased a bed frame, and some light fixtures. Now that we've added a bed and side tables, its full, and it already feels so inviting... Yet, we're still working on the long list that includes art, decor, and linens. Basically, the details.

the List

The short (long) list of items I'm looking to add to make our bedroom more staycation worthy than a luxurious 5-star boutique hotel: 

  • New sheets and pillows. I particularly want to buy king size versions of the "keep cool" temperature regulating pillow we currently have. And beautiful sheets that always feel crisp and cool with a beautiful hem (all about the details)

  • Art! I am still not sure about the direction on art, I just know I'd like to add some black and white touches, even something really dramatic and saturated... with a few clean, delicate pieces mixed in. I need to do some searching and see what speaks to me. I just know I want something that invokes a little romance :)

  • Something over the fireplace. Not sure yet if I want art or a mirror here. we did the whole mantle mirror situation in the living room already, so maybe we'll go with art, but still undecided! I'm a sucker for mantle mirrors.

  • Chair and ottoman (or a chair big enough to curl up in) next to the fireplace. I purposely created a cozy little nook next to the fireplace where I can sit and enjoy a book, have my morning coffee and just enjoy the view out of the window. I know for sure I want something velvet or leather, either in a cool, modern conceptual shape; or something plush and shapely.

  • Signature candle. first we bought Ex Nihilio "Ultra Rose" and I LOVE it. It was a bit too strong for the bedroom... its deceiving, you think its a very gentle scent, but then its really strong when burned! Either way, its the most beautiful rose scent ever! So, we moved it to the living room as it was suitable for a large space. We also loved Diptique "Baies", but same story, a bit too strong for the bedroom! Still on the hunt...

  • Nespresso machine for quick morning shots!! we alreay have a Virtuoline downstairs but I thought about getting an Origionaline for upstairs as it's smaller and more compact. I notice everytime we travel (especially in Europe as thats where you'll typically find Nespresso in a hotel room) I always love the convenience of making a quick shot in the morning. I'm typically slow to wake up, so I love getting a quick boost from espresso in the morning!

notable sources

As mentioed earlier, we have a great start on furnishing so far! And I am loving the pices we've curated already. I love the way it's coming together! Here are a few mentionable sources...

  • Light fixtures: this was the first thing I had to buy, and the toughest thing to choose! Not only in the bedroom, but the entire house! (in fact, we're even changing some lights after only a year!) However, aside from the bubble chandelier downstairs, the bedroom lights are definitely my favorite! The mix of vintage and industrial/modern compliment eachother so nicely. The bedside sconces are from the 20th C. collection at Restoration Hardware, and while they no longer sell this particular model, there are some really great new designs that are comparable! Ours are the "aged steel" color. The French basket chandelier was a lucky find on eBay! I scoured both the internet and local "vintage" stores for a French basket chandelier and was only discouraged by the outrageous prices. I had an entire house full of lights to purchase, so needless to say, sticking to the budget was non-negotiable!! Ordering the light felt like a gamble since it was coming all the way from Turkey and would probably need to be re-wired (hint: it did) BUT I took the plunge! It took an entire month to get here, but to say I am happy with is is an understatement! AND it was a fraction of the cost to buy one at the vintage stores!

  • The bed was the next thing we bought. This was a spontaneous find while browsing Arhaus online one night! I originally had a grey velvet upholstered bed in mind, but then it hit me: I have wanted a grey velvet upholstered bed for so long, I don't even think I want it anymore. I was so "done" wanting that kind of bed! I still like that style, just ready for somehing new. I saw a French bed on either Pinterest or Instagram one day, and LOVED it, then proceeded to find it on Arhaus website immediatly following. Ordered right away! No time wasted!

  • Throw pillows are from West Elm. I was highly inspired by the interior of the Allis at the Soho House while on a girls trip to Chicago last fall, as I shared here. The chandelier was a larger version of ours and I loved the rust velvet sofa as well. So, when I found the copper velvet and Mongolian Lambs wool pillows (ours is 14" x 36") in West Elm, I had to try the look!

  • Black marble tulip table is from Crate & Barrel. We bought this instead of a nightstand for one side of the bed only, because it is close to the door and a pretty tight fit. The round table fits perfect! In fact- we liked it so much, we bought a second one for our living room!

Thanks for following along, I promise I'll report back and share more progress with you as we transform this room into a dreamy retreat. 

And please... don't hate me for still karate chopping my throw pillows... I can't help myself!!!