Sala Samui Choengmon Beach

Ko Samui is such a remarkable little island. 

Choosing to spend part of our Thai holiday on Ko Samui was a challenging decision because there are so many incredible destinations in Thailand. There is city, mountains, jungles, beaches, all with an adventurous right-out-of-a-movie backdrop. With the addition of tantalizing food, happy people (Thais are some of the nicest people I have ever encountered), ancient history and rich culture, Thailand is irresistable. 

Per the usual, this was a spontaneous trip. We knew we wanted to experience fast-paced Bangkok life first, and spend the second half of our trip relaxing somewhere on a beach. We knew for sure we wanted to go somewhere less packed than Phuket, so we narrowed it down to Ko Samui and Krabi. We originally landed on Krabi because we couldn't resist the James Bond-esque limestone mountains. We booked a flight from Bangkok to Krabi without checking resorts first. Maybe this would have worked if we were staying in an Airbnb, or feeling frivolous, but for this part of the trip, we were interested in spending as much time doing nothing but relaxing as possible. Basically, we wanted a resort where all we had to do was walk to breakfast and then to the beach. Because we were booking only a month in advance, we could not find a single resort that looked appealing. 

Fast forward after getting the airlines to reroute us to Ko Samui (which was a miracle), and we ended up booking this beauty, Sala Samui on Choengmon Beach. There are two main beaches on the east side of Ko Samui, Chaweng and Choengmon. Chaweng is bigger, busier, and has more of a party scene at night. Choengmon is smaller, quieter, and seems to have more family oriented resorts. Sala has two luxurious resorts on Samui, one on each of the beaches. We chose Choengmon for the secludedness of the beach and the resort's quintessential Thai architcture and design. Sala Chaweng has a more modern vibe, which we'll probably want to experience next time! Who knows, maybe we'll be more in a party mood then ;) 

Booking a resort has a certain level of anxiety; you do so much research trying to find the prefect place and hope it's everything you imagined once you arrived... but Sala Samui Choengmon Beach was all we could ever ask for, and so much more. There's honestly so much I can say about it, but my main takeaways are...

  • luxurious outdoor bathroom tops the list. The shower was underneath the sky and it was exhilarating taking a shower with the sun shining through palm trees over you and birds singing.
  • the soaking tub was massive and, also outside, so add that to my list of "most indulgent experiences of my life" 
  • private courtyard with a pool and a banana tree (with bananas on it!)
  • comfortable room and bed, for which you can select your own pillows upon arrival
  • the beach was clean, private, had security guards, and it was the very end of Choengmon so it wasn't crowded
  • Fresh fruit ALL. DAY. LONG. Pitaya, pineapple, watermelon, mango, all of the fruit you could want. Also... speaking of fruit, every day in our hotel, we found a fresh bowl of mangos, and jar each of crystallized fruit and roasted peanuts, and fresh tea made with local fruits and florals such as roselle and chrysanthemum. All of which we finished off... EVERY DAY
  • The resort is secluded, not "right in the middle of everything" which was nice. Now, if you want to step out of your resort and have everything right at your fingertips, not so much. But honestly, I don't think I'd want that, considering how noisy Chaweng would get. I would rather rent a motorbike or take a cab to town, as it's only 5 km to Chaweng. 
  • I also loved the people of Sala. Thais overall are very pleasant and kind people, and Sala staff were all so wonderful. I felt like family by the time we left.

Overall, Sala Hospitality so graciously delivered a world class experience that, along with the smell of Jasmine will always evoke the highest level of nostalgia in my mind. 

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