home details no. 1

Things are shaping up swiftly and dramatically at Casa de Rivers, and while I haven't shared much about it here since we've moved in last year, I have given a few sneek peeks on my IG Stories. Unfortunately stories only last 24 hours, so not everyone who may be interested gets a chance to see... definitely a reason to become better about sharing in this space! I will be sharing bit by bit over the next few weeks, and then hopefully soon we'll get to share a grand tour! 

First thing up: the living room fireplace! Our library, living room, dining, and kitchen are all pretty open, so it was a huge priority to furnish those areas it as soon as possible. It is finally getting to a point where it feels almost done! We still have a little ways to go in regards to styling (and we're still waiting on another sofa, among other things!) but for starts, we LOVE how the fireplace area turned out! 


It was a long road getting the fireplace the way we wanted. We originally had installed a simpler, more minimalist design that did NOT translate well into the space. We had images and inspiration we went by, but unfortunately, a good product was not delivered. We brought on an interior designer, Christine Zeiler, initially to help us with furniture. We also needed a fireplace surround in our bedroom, so we asked her to help us find/design one. She found a beautiful French-inspired surround that resembled all of my inspiration photos I'd shared with her. Unfortunately, it did not fit in our bedroom (too large), and I was dying to use it, then it hit me: why don't we install it in the living room?? The bedroom and living room styles are pretty coherent so it transitioned seasmlessly from one room to the other. We had been brainstorming a solution to our living room dilemma... it ended up being the perfect fit! 


The marble on the inside of the surround is Nero Marquina, a variety of marble sourced from northern Spain. It'ss a refreshingly dramatic and sultry break from the popular Carrara of the moment. In terms of marble and granite, Nero Marquina is the purest black stone you can find (no grey) yet with delicate white veining, which brough some old world into the overall look... which is EXACTLY what we were trying to achieve. One of the reasons I was so adamant that we go with a black marble is that we have a gas fireplace, and I wanted a stone that would seasmlessly blend in with the existing metal, but still have some character. The marquina was the only option that fit the bill. It was also a challenge finding the Nero Marquina marble. We almost gave up and settled on other options a few times... but I am SO GLAD we kept looking for the Marquina! I had seen this marble in a stone yard several months prior, but then that company stopped carrying it. Sparing the mundane details of our search, we finally located a granite company that happened to have exactly the amount we needed in stock. All the stars had finally aligned! 


The mirror atop the mantle is the Gleaming Primrose from Anthropologie. In my impatience, I scoured the internet looking for another option that would arrive sooner. It's never in stock, and the waitlist is usually 3-6 months, depending on the size you need. While I was waiting, I tried a few similar versions from other retailers, but not a single one measured up. The Primrose was the most elegant design, most fitting size, and the best color/finish. When it was finally delivered 5 1/2 months later, it was all I could do to not jump up and down with excitement over how it looked. If any piece of decor is worth both the wait and the investment, it's this one!

So I hope you enjoy the photos... I will be posting more about the rest of our home as well as exounding on some of the details in these photos... I especially can't wait to share about the vintage rug! 

...I really LOVE this space in our home. I love the way the mirror reflects the natural light coming in through the windows and gives me an extra view of my favorite light fixture!




Mirror (mine is 5' in gold), palmistry chair, fireplace surround(we bought unfinished and painted it Alabaster by SW), candle, light fixture (similar)