raw and juicy
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So just a little confession... a healthy confession that is... Stephen & I have quite the weakness for juices, smoothies, ginger shots, acai bowls, the like. If it's cold-pressed, organic, sprouted, immune-boosting, enzyme rich, toxin flushing...we about it. Give us all the bee pollen, chlorella, ashwagandha, hemp, all the unpronounceable things.

Today while Stephen & were enjoying our routine açaí bowls for lunch, the tought hit me, with all of these efforts to eat things that are anti-aging, we'd better not ever get old. Stephen proceeded to state that maybe we are being duped and really all these things actually speed up the aging process. 

[insert existential crisis]


Of course the list of benefits and anti-aging properties of açaí and other superfoods is a long one. Eating clean, whole foods in general offers invaluable benefits to health, but if I could sum it all up under one umbrella, most important would be that it supports the functions that your body was made to perform.

Clean, whole foods support the functions that your body was made to perform.

There are so many more aspects to health than just the foods we eat, but this post isn't diving into that ocean. Instead I just want to share one of mine & Stephen's top priorities when traveling: finding a good juice & smoothie shop. For our upcoming trip to Europe, I have already favorited all the places where we can grab ginger shots and fresh juice near our accomodations. 

The process of traveling has the tendendcy to cramp up your body's regular functions. By the time you reach your destination, you're sore, congested, thirsty, and sleep-deprived. The key is to not eat heavy food before flying or while driving on road trips, drink lots and lots of water even if you have to keep going to the bathroom, and get up to walk around if you're able (especially on international flights). However, sometimes all of those efforts still aren't enough to prevent the onset of some kind of fatigue. 


Ginger shots are the perfect way in inject a boost of immunity and vitality, and clear the brain fog induced by all the cabid pressure and recirculated airplane air (gag). Getting in a juice or two also helps jump start your digestion and get it back on track quickly so you can enjoy your holiday! There's something about being away from home that induces a little bit of lethargy. Such as travel hassles, sleeping in a bed other than your own, not knowing where the next cup of coffee is coming from, you get it.... 

Coffee-depravitation aside, refueling with fresh fruits and vegetables is our favorite way to ensure we enjoy our trip no matter how long or short it may be. On this particular trip to Florida, which was only 3 days, we found a fabulous little airstream-turned-juice bar called Raw  & Juicy. Every morning Stephen & I had refreshing smoothies, and shots of ginger and e3 Live, respectively. Across the street, they have a lifestyle shop from where they also sell clean cocktails served straight out of coconuts with beautiful syrups such as saffron and other florals. one of my favorite experiences in the Seaside area! Make sure to stop by if you're ever near. And thier straws are turtle friendly... sold yet?

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