nostalgic summer style
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Hola friends! 

I'm unsure what to call the sartorial vibe have been channeling lately, but I'm here for it. Feeling somewhere between French country and Riviera, with a really nostalgic feel to it (cat-eye sunnnies and neck scarves to thank) but with enough cha-cha-cha to feel a little flamenco. I don't know but I like it! It's quite a bit different than any of my previous style phases: lots of linen, espadrilles, ruffled and princess shoulders, and tortoise buttons. Oh, and a cute, versatile $10 Container Store basket bag as a purse (which has been on repeat for 2 months!!) and previously lived a plant pot and at one time held snacks in my pantry. 

In fashion and personal style, phases come and go like the seasons. So often we (me totally included!) look back and cringe on thier fashion choices from years past. Especially my hair. Oh God, the hair! I have always been incredibly picky on my hair and clothing, even to the point of obsession. Although I gawk at some of the things I wore, at least I was intentional about putting A LOOK together. Gotta give myself that. 

While I'm amused at my clothing choices from decades past, I'm also proud of my younger self for going all in and channeling whatever in the world vibe was present at the moment. At times I have felt more modern, sporting a blunt haircut and structured, crisp clothing (and lots of black); other times romantic with wavy hair and lots of off-the-shoulder, I even sported a hipster phase whith plenty of felt hats and long, oversized silhouettes. And the vintage phase? Don't get me started. All of these commenced within the last 3 years, corresponding hairstyle included.

All of these "phases" are what I like to think of as exploration and expression. 

And I'm thankful that I allowed myself to channel every one of them. I look back, especially when I see old photos, and I remember what I was inspired by at that moment in my life.

Those times where I had NO IDEA what on earth I was inspired by... we won't even go there.

Discovering your personal style is a beautiful, but at times, frustrating process. the beautiful part just what I described: being inspired by your current surroundings and expressing that creativity. The frustrating part being that moment when you've "outgrown" a look. Even if it's something you loved before. Maybe it's just me and I get bored quickly though. 

So here's to the summer of nostalia-meets-French country. brb gotta go find a white wall covered in pink bougainvillea.