Leaving perfection at the door





All of these things we long for, and work toward. All of which are, arguably, are crucial in living a wholehearted life. Why do we innately feel the urge to map out plans and goals? How do you make a difference without making progress? How can we love without purpose?

All of these 4 things share a single common deterrent... PERFECTION.

It's talked about and written about often: all the reasons why it's unhealthy to strive for perfection. From sermons heard in church, to our daily blogroll, podcasts, to books we read, the subject matter is one that doesn't lack for discussion. I mean, don't you want things to turn out excellent? Then why not strive for perfection? 

I'll be honest and say that I put this post on the back burner for about a month. Everytime I opened up the draft to work on it, I closed it out because I felt unqualified to even write about the topic. Then it hit me. IRONY OF IRONIES. I was allowing my own perfectionism to stop me from talking about... well, perfectionsim. So, that tendency is something I've been keeping in mind as I choose to embrace my creativity instead. 

So with that in mind, I've made some mental notes for when I notice perfectionism creeping back up into my mind:

  1. OWN my story... this may be the most important. Without it, I have no story, experience or point of reference to even draw from.
  2. IF I delay starting a project because I want to finish it in one sitting, I break it up into smaller, more manageable tasks. This helps because I'll still be able to check things off my list and feel accomplished.
  3. WHEN I have the urge or need to take on a project, that's usually the moment when creativity is flowing and therfore the best time to act. I like to tout my ENFP status here: being more feeling & spontaneous, I am mostly led by what is most compelling at the moment. There are still ways to be productive without being the best planner! More or this later! 
  4. TAKE the leap and trust the process! Even if there's mess to clean up afterward. That's part of the fun!

Much love & happy weekend,