Life Resolutions

Life Resolutions

Is it just me, or are "new years resolutions" a bit overrated? 

Why not life resolutions?

Life operates in cycles. By nature we are cyclical beings living in a seasonal universe. The solar system is so precicely on a cycle that we can predict exactly when and where the next eclipse will be visible, at precisely what time. Yet, on a smaller (though equally as fascinating) scale, cells are constantly dividing and regenerating to create new life in our own bodies and in thr natural world around us. It really is astounding. 

Every layer of existence operates in "seasons" 

I don't mean to be complicated about making resolutions, promise. I just like to live with this understanding of rhythm and cycles in mind. It helps bring what's important into focus... who wants to spend valuable energy on something (or someone) that isn't supporting your life's rhythm? 

I like to think of life as occurring in seasons, rather than years.

When I think about every significant season of my life up until now, I am able to identify about when that season began and ended. Sometimes, they were marked by a major life decision; other times, they were characterized by a particular accomplishment or struggle I faced. Sometimes, certain relationships impacted my life and helped define a particular season. My point is, they're all different, and years don't necessarily define them. 

One thing that has remained the same throughout every season, is the question "Where am I?"

Not geographically... but where am I? What am I working toward right now? What tools do I hold in my hand? What relationships am I cultivating... or need to cultivate? How is my mental/physical/emotional health? Am I communicating effectively in my marriage? Have I neglected our relationship in any way? In what ways has it been rich? All of these (and more) are purposeful, deliberate questions I need to ask myself not only once, but continually. Because the answers are evolving.

How does this apply to my life right now? 

  1. Carefully inspect your surroundings. Who and what surround you? Do you see things worth your energy? What is propelling (or hindering) you from your purpose? 
  2. Never think you've arrived; there's always another challenge up next. Embrace it with the energy fresh off your last success.
  3. As you transition into a new season, new mindsets and habits are integral for growth. Just as nature sheds away the old to allow new life to grow. 
  4. Instead of focusing on a punch list of things to accomplish in a year, focusing on growing and becoming a better person than you were yesterday. This means something different for everyone. Be a better friend, take control of your mental health, make more time for meaningful conversations... you name it. Usually these are things that take time and should be approched with vulnerability and patience. 

Whatever it is that will lead you to opportunities that will change your life, yet you never thought to write down on a list of resolutions- go do that. 


Much love and all success to you.