Squared Away
Above: a few of the [many] tile selections we had to choose from!

Above: a few of the [many] tile selections we had to choose from!

Finish-out is in full swing!

As I shared a few weeks ago, we installed wood floors throughout the house. We currently have beautiful stained wood floors throughout our current home, so naturally, wood was our first choice. For the 4 bathrooms and the laundry room, we chose tile- a more practical choice for such areas. Choosing tile is so much fun! I wanted to keep things streamlined and uniform as possible, all while not having TOO much similarity:

  1. Master bathroom and shower: We installed a grey polished marble throughout the bath entry, floor and shower walls. The outcome is so opulent, yet clean.
  2. Master shower floors: we took a gamble on a black marble hexagon tile. This is my favorite tile in the entire house! I originally chose it for the powder room downstairs, until we strolled through the flooring store 2 days before installation, and Stephen spotted a new design. I loved it, but was disappointed about loosing the black hex- I couldn't bear the thought of not getting to look at it everyday despite the fact that I loved everything else. IF I WERE A TILE, I'D BE A BLACK MARBLE HEXAGON. That's how strongly I felt about it! So, we took a gamble, and slapped it down in the shower floor! I was partly scared to go look once it was done- fearing I'd regret it. We love how it turned out! 
  3. Guest & shared bath, laundry room: here, I opted for a white porcelain herringbone. Love the clean, airy look! Kept these three the same to keep things streamlined. 
  4. Shower and bath surrounds: we went super simple here and went with a white subway tile. Also, for the guest shower, I paired the subway with a tiny black porcelain hex. 
  5. Powder room: this tiny little restroom is going to pack quite the punch after we're finished! The goal was to make it dramatic as possible, while still being restful. As I mentioned above, we changed our minds on this tile at the last minute. I am so glad we took one last glance at the selection, as to end up finding this fabulous geometric design. It's so perfect for the space!

A special word on the marble tile above: Since this marble was 100% natural and colorways vary from batch to batch, we weren't completely sure the exact color/saturation/pattern we would receive. Many would tell you to purchase 10% more than your square footage to make up for pieces that aren't as appealing (it happens). So, when the tile was delivered, I unpackaged several pallets to inspect the colorway. There was a bit of gold/brown which, in small amounts, looked pretty. However, the gold on some tiles was too saturated. We told the installer to only install the white/grey ones in the shower and on the main floor, and install the ones with gold under cabinets or not use them at all. I am glad we did, because the result is clean and chic. Thankfully, we had not only a knowledgeable installer, but a meticulous one. We trusted him to remove the undesired pieces, and he did. 

A few tips on choosing grout colors: 

  • It's harder than it looks. You don't simply choose white, grey or tan; there are so many variations on every color! It's like choosing paint, but much more permanent! It comes in more colors than you think, and the color on the the bag isn't always accurate.
  • Never buy grout without looking at the sample color sticks, WITH your tile piece. If you aren't at the store where your tile is sold, don't forget to bring a piece with you to match your grout. And if the store doesn't have the color match sticks, leave and go somewhere that does, such as Floor & Decor
  • Once it's installed, there's no turning back! Plan and be SURE of your choices!

I simply asked my installer how much of each grout and went to Floor & Decor to purchase it myself. While there, I had at least 5 sales associates ask if I was sure about buying that much grout. I told them I was building a house, not a diy project! As it turned out, I didn't buy enough (miscounted on my part!) and had to make a second trip! 

Floor & Decor was an outstanding place to purchase our tile. The marble is beautiful, and high quality. The selection varies slightly from store to store, so look online first. The prices were the best we found, and selection was stylish and modern. 

Can't wait to reveal the completed photos of our bathrooms!